Ear Plugs

Protection for hunters, swimmers, musicians, & more!

Central PA Hearing Aid Solutions provides ear plugs through our partner, Great Lakes Earmold Lab.

We can help you get any available color and style earplug, whether you need ear protection for hunting, swimming, music or more.

I absolutely love my Great Lakes custom molded earplugs. They are much more comfortable to wear all day in the noise here at work. Lots of different color options and styles to choose from.

A. March, Central PA Hearing Google Review
Comfort Earplugs from Central PA Hearing and Great Lakes Earmold Lab

The Comfort Ear Plug*

The Comfort Ear is a custom molded plug made to fit each individual ear. It is comfortable to wear for long periods of time without discomfort. The Comfort Ear was developed to attenuate or reduce harmful or bothersome environmental sound. For use by factory workers, farmers, carpenters, equipment operators, motorcyclists, machinists, printers, etc. Anyone working in a noisy environment can benefit from the Comfort Ear, even someone who needs a good night sleep from someone who snores!

Musician's Plugs*

Musician's filtered custom earplugs have a flat response, allowing music and speech to be heard clearly, but not as loud. For use by musicians, dentists, disc jockeys, airline pilots, sound crews, truck drivers, NFL football players, band teachers, traders, construction workers, recording engineers, people with tinnitus, spectators at sporting events or concerts, and individuals with sensitivity to loud sounds.

Musicians Ear Protection from Central PA Hearing and Great Lakes Earmold Lab
Ear Protection for Hunters from Central PA Hearing and Great Lakes Earmold Lab

Ear Protection for Hunters*

Hocks Noise Breakers®: The Hocks Noise Braker® is the most effective custom, non-amplified hearing protection for hunters and shooters. Perfect for use by shooters, gun clubs, race car drivers, airlines, motorized sports, workers in factories, fire and police work, at loud sports and events, at concerts and much more!

Electronic Shooter's Plugs: Our electronic shooter's plugs are designed for hunters to have an edge on their prey or for those that may have hearing loss.

Swimmers Ear Plugs*

TFC Floatables are custom designed, made with a medical grade, hypoallergenic silicone material that offers a unique flexibility and softness. This superior grade material will not shrink or harden with normal use. TFC Floatables provide comfortable protection against water, wind, noise, and cold temperatures.

Swimmers Ear Protection from Central PA Hearing and Great Lakes Earmold Lab

*Information and images on this page obtained by Great Lakes Earmold Lab. More detailed information about the above earplugs can be found at greatlakesearmold.com.

Who do we work with?

We provide hearing protection for the Nestlé Purina Factory and Central Penn Crushers, a Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) youth clay shooting team hosted by Central Penn Sporting Clays.

Central PA Hearing provides earplugs for Nestle Purina     Central PA Hearing provides earplugs for Central Penn Crushers clay shooting team

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